Since majority of the prisoners are from agricultural background, more stress is laid on imparting training in modern methods of agriculture and horticulture so that when they go back after their release, they will be in a better position as agriculturists and horticulturists. Training in cultivating, understanding key role of fertilizers and their judicious use in crop husbandry, sowing seeds and till reaping of the crop will be provided.

All the major jails have agricultural lands attached to them. They grow vegetables, jowar, cotton, paddy, sugar cane etc,. Tractors are provided to Central Prisons at Belgaum, Gulbarga and District Prison at Shimoga for cultivation purpose. Drip irrigation systems are also provided at Central Prison Gulbarga, Mysore, Bijapur and Borstal School Dharwad, under the scheme of Modernization of Prisons.

Agricultural income for the past three years is as under:

Year lakhs
2010-2011 34.20
2011-2012 48.98
2012-2013 54.22


Even though the convicted prisoners have to work as per Prison Rules. As per the modern thinking , the work done by prisoners should not be by force and also the wages paid for the work done should be encouraging. Further the wages given to the prisoners should be at least give little help to the family and children. The Karnataka state has implemented payment of wages to the prisoners with this objective. The wages so earned by the prisoners will be credited to their personal account. The prisoners can spend 50% of their earnings for their personal expenses like coffee/tea, snacks , postcards, through coupons issued in the canteen section of the prison and also they are allowed to send the amount to their close relatives through money order. The remaining 50% of the wages is kept in the personal account and paid to them at the time of their release.

The increase of wages is made with a view to facilitate the prisoners to earn a sizeable amount during their stay in the prison. This will help them to rehabilitate themselves after their discharge. Under trial prisoners who are willing to work are also paid wages at the below rates.

Government in its Order No: HD 298 PRA 2008 dated 18.03.2011 has enhanced wage rates which is as below:

Classification Amount of wage per day
Unskilled prisoner Rs 70.00
Skilled Prisoner Rs 80.00
Highly Skilled Prisoner Rs 90.00

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