Prisons are integral part of the Criminal Justice System. Prisons are established for safe custody of convict and undertrial prisoners. The Main Objective of the imprisonment aims to deter those who would otherwise commit crimes and to make it less likely that those who serve a prison sentence will commit crimes after their release. The department also undertake various measures such as training the prisoners in technical and non technical trades, conducting sports, cultutral activities and imparting adult education to enable them to become good human beings and socially responsible citizens and make them self reliant and thus help in their rehabiliation in life after their release from Jails.


The Prison Department is headed by the Addl. Director General of Police and Inspector General of Prisons and assisted by the Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (Hqrs), Deputy Inspector General of Police (Prisons) and Gazetted Managers at the Head Quarters. All the Jails, District Head Quarters Sub-jails and Special Sub Jails are Being managed by the Departmental staff. Out of 70 Taluk sub jails, 30 are being managed by Departmental staff and 40 by the Revenue and Police Staff.

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