The inmates of jail institution are allowed to avail parole and furlough to meet their kith and kin and to sort out their family problems if any and to rebuild a conducive atmosphere for their post prison life.

The details of release on parole and furlough during last 3 years are as under:

Year No. of Prisoners released on Parole No. of Prisoners released on Furlough
2013-14 333 -
2014-15 482 -
2015-16 635 -

Reduction in Parole Deposit: An amendment has been brought to Parole by reducing Parole Security Deposit amount from Rs6000 to Rs1000 and One surety instead of Two Sureties.

Emergency Parole: An amendment has been brought out to existing Karnataka Prison Rules for temporary release of convict prisoners on Emergency Parole for a period of 15 days.

Number of prisoners released on Emergency Parole during the past two years and the year under report is as under: -

Year No. of Prisoners released on Emergency Parole
2010-11 1837
2011-12 1387
2012-13 883


The Advisory Board have been constituted in all the central prisons and district prisons to consider the premature release of life term convicts and short term prisoners. The prisoners who have completed 2/3 of the sentence including remission are placed before the advisory board with the opinion before the advisory board with the opinion of District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of the district. The advisory board examines the cases of the each prisoner either recommends for premature release or gives suitable instructions. The cases of prisoners for premature release recommended by the Advisory Board are submitted to government along with the opinion of the Inspector General of Prisons for further orders.

Year No.of prisoners released
2002-03 71
2003-04 95
2004-05 106
2005-06 57
2006-07 61(26.1.2006)
2012-13 02
2014-15 252
2015-16 375 ( 26.1.2016)
284 ( 15.8.2016)

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