Sports And Cultural Activities

The inmates are provided with the facilities for indoor and outdoor games like chess, carrom, volleyball, kabaddi, kho-kho etc. They are encouraged to enact dramas and conduct cultural programmes on special occasions like Ganesha Festival, Kannada Rajyothstava etc., YOGA classes are also being conducted for the prison inmates.

Inter Prison Prisoners Sports Meet:

For the first time in the department, inter prison prisoner sports meet organized for the convicted inmates of all central prisons during the month of June 2012 (24-26.6.2012) . The sports meet spread across two central prisons i.,e Bangalore and Mysore. Events like cricket, Kabbadi, Throwball, Tennicoit , Volley Ball, Chess and Carrom were held. The fixtures were drawn up in a manner that gave equal opportunity to all teams that they were evenly matched in sporting skills. The excitement and sportive mood in the prisoners was equal to the IPL or the celebrity sport competitions.

Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP) for inmates :

Making prisoners second to none – Efforts towards our motto of reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners and churn out them as good citizens, Department of Prisons in coordination with Art of Living , Bangalore has jointly organised a training programme viz., Youth Leadership Training Programme, which is one of the model and unique programme conducted for a period of 60 days ( 1.6.2012 – 31.7.2012) at central prison, Bangalore. Programme focussed on Personal Development and communication skills through through stress reducing techniques, finding inner peace –incorporating Sudharsan Kriya- unique breathing technique which eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions. In 60 days programme 1200 inmates were trained. Department felt to extend the programme to other central prisons also and transferred (temporarily) trained prisoners to other central prisons who inturn trained inmates successfully. This initiative has got good response from the inmates to get reformed.

  • Yoga training camp from Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samstana
  • Pranayama and sarala Yogasana shibira from Om Yoga Prathistana
  • Meditation camp by the Buddha Damma Kendra
  • Reformatory camp from Karnataka State Janasadbhavana Organisation
  • Preaching’s on Non violence and yoga dhyana shibira from Matha Manikeshwari T.
  • Cultural Programmes and christmans celebrations from various christ organisations
  • Pranic healing camp at Central prison Mysore
  • Gita Jayanthi a programme on Bhagavadgita by ISKCON at Central Prison, Bangalore – distributed 108 copies of Bhagavadgita


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Inter prison prisoners sports meet

Department in coordination with Sankalppa, Mysore imparted training in theatre art and enacted various dramas under programme Jailininda Jailege Ranga Yatre , viz., King Liar ( William Shakespeare ), Gokarnada Gowdashani ( Chandra Shekara Patil), Shivaratri( Chandra shekara patil), Kattale Daari Doora( D.R. Nagaraj) at prestigious stages and got lauded by the general public and art critics.

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