Industries established in the prisons were 25 to 30 years old and they are out dated. There is a need to upgrade these industries by means of replacing old machineries with the latest one and also train the prisoners in the current vocational trades. Every year there will be a meager budget for upgradation of prison industries and because of this factor and also with no instructors in the concerned industry some of the industries have came to halt.

Government and Quasi Government Industrial Corporations have been requested to assist in improving the conditions and adopting new techniques / methods in Soap and Phenyl manufacturing, footwear making, weaving etc..

Establishment of Bakery Units at various Central Prisons

As a step to provide vocational training in the baking industry, Department has established Bakery units across various central prisons and district prisons. These units are equipped with modern equipments like flour and maida kneeding machines, automatic electric ovens, bread slicers, warming units, plastic sealing machines, refrigerator and freezer.

The Bakery units running at Central Prison, Bangalore, Belgaum and Mysore successfully produce products like Bread, Bun, Biscuits, cakes, and savories in the trade name 'Parivarthana Products' and sold to inmates, staff and general public. This initiative has got a good response both from the inmates and general public. The Bakery unit at Bangalore produce laddu, mysore pak, Dil pasand,savories –kharaboondi and mixture.

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Garment training centre at Central Prison, Bangalore

Ready made Garment unit has been started at Central Prison, Bangalore during the year under report , which manufactures shirts under brand name 'Karnataka Prison Product' with a quality and style competing to the most reputed brands in the market.

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